Prosperity Pumpkin Votive

Prosperity Pumpkin Votive

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Green and Orange color magick come together here to bring about successful abundance in all earthly matters. Ideal for money magick, increase in luck, quick results, joyfully stimulating energy, and overall prosperity.

Orange is the color combination of yellow and red. Yellow is generally used for energy involving quick thinking while red has the heat of passion and aggressive speed. All of those come together along side the never before released Midnight by Verbena Prosperity powder. 

The magickal symbolism within pumpkins are not just limited to ancestral veneration during Samhain. They represent prosperity, fertility, creativity, luck, and warding off evil influences that could be looking to sabotage your work. 

These are also scented with a blend of cinnamon, clove, allspice, and nutmeg fragrance blend for an added boost to the spell work.

These pumpkin votives also can be used as an offering to Oshun or any divinity figure that accepts pumpkins.